Saturday, 9 November 2013

Chapter 20

     As we're walking through the forest, an arrow landed in front of us. The wild elf told us that it was shot by his friends. We then called out that we came in peace but they didn't buy it. They kept shooting arrow around us hinting us to leave. The wild elf then climbed up a tree and disappeared on sight. Some of us dropped our weapons to show sign that we're harmless. After a while, Quanta threatened them that he'll burn the forest down if they don't show themselves and the wild elves weren't happy with that. They triggered a trunk trap which killed Quanta. Drok them how could they do that!

     Clouded by my rage, I felt like slaughtering each and every of them. We came to help and this is what we get? This is how we get paid for showing kindness? I hid the anger on my face then dropped my crossbow and try to persuade them hoping that they'll reveal themselves so I could take revenge for Quanta. After trying for a while, I finally calmed down and realized it was actually Quanta's fault... How could they still trust people when their community was slaughtered in a day? Why would they not kill someone who threatens to burn their home?

     The wild elves finally told us to drop our weapons. We did so and they revealed themselves and collected our weapons and kept it in a sack. After a long conversation, they bought us to visit their burnt village and demanded us to help destroy Ossington. We told him that the villagers took the small animals to transform them into humans and whoever is using that spell is said to be misusing it. They then focused their attention to Dyson, Cuckoo, Tully and Henwen. We have no idea who to trust... Seeing that the wild elves' village got burnt and only 3 of them are left... Their story seemed more... trust-able? We then agreed to their plan to kill Dyson, Cuckoo, Tully and Henwen.

     After resting in the forest, we returned to Ossington with the wild elves. The wild elves made sure they were hidden out of sight of the villagers. Faeron's suggestion of putting up an angry and disappointed face while carrying Quanta's dead body on a stretcher managed to trick Cuckoo. He believed that we were defeated by the wild elves and retreated. Faeron demanded Cuckoo to gather the Tully, Hanwen and Dyson at Dyson's tower to discuss a plan to avenge Quanta. Cuckoo agreed and we brought Quanta's dead body back to our temporarily house.

     We approached the tower with uneasiness. How are we going to execute the plan? Who should we aim first? We entered the tower told them about our encounters. Apparently, Cuckoo already told them the story. After some consideration, Cuckoo and Hanwen doesn't seem harmful, Tully may be a swordman but we can slowly take her down but Dyson, a magician can cast a lot of dangerous large area spells. So I set my priority on Dyson. I approached him and asked him about a spell that can maintain Quanta's decaying body. While he's flipping through the book, I tried to pin him down but my hand slipped away from his shoulder and hence I failed miserably, luckily he believed that I was just brushing off something on his shoulder. Rohan saw my failed act and rushed quickly to Dyson and grabbed him! Let's hope things work out!

Chapter 19

     We went to find Hanwen to ask about the horseman with Zaradin symbol but all we got from her was that the little pet on her shoulder was called Hobyah. What a disappointment! We then rode to the forest west to Ossington in hope that we'll find the elves who massacred the villagers.

     Slightly before sunset, Faeron discovered a dryad tree that was killed by girdling the bark around it. Ryotine decided to stay to see whoever did this and the rest of the party wanted to rest at Ossington. I felt insecured for Ryotine and offered to stay to help her. She transformed to a tree and I hid on a tree while the rest of the party went back to Ossington. That was a night that I couldn't forget...

     During midnight, a small and cute monkey-like animal approached me. It was a Hobyah, the animal that Hanwen kept as a pet. I shooed it away from me but more of them came back and started attacking me. Ryotine came to help and we found out that their skin is as hard as steel! Not only that, these little monsters can even transform to a eerie and bigger sized monkey. We found it impossible to defend ourselves and we ran for it. We reached Ossington and told the others about our encounters.

     The next morning we went to the chapel to ask Hanwen about the hobyahs who attacked us. Instead of finding Hanwen, we found our horses dead and torn apart. There were evidence of small bites all over their bodies. We returned to Ossington to ask Dyson about her whereabouts. We followed and direction Dyson gave and knocked on her door but no one answered. We then went to explore the forest west of Ossington again.

     In the forest, we encountered a wild elf and successfully captured him. He claimed that his people was massacred by Ossington. They were killed during the parley to discuss Ossington's removal of too many animals from the forest. There are only 3 of them left. We told him we're here to help and he bought us to where his friends are. So, which of them are actually telling the truth?

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Chapter 18

     After the heated battle with the fire elemental creature, we descended down a spiral staircase into a round room with a sarcophagus and two large human statues. When we approached the sarcophagus, a beam of light shot down from the ceiling of the chamber and hit the sarcophagus. Then, the lid flew open and a skeleton ascended and smiled at Faeron. It also brought the two large human statues back to life and they started attacking us.

     During the battle, the skeleton gave advises like "always be ready" to Faeron as if he was testing us. The battle lasted a while before he stopped and sat on his tomb to introduce about himself. He said that he was happy to meet Faeron and Ryotine again. His name is Saithnar and he was Faeron's master. Saithnar said that Miastar, Ryotine's master sent his soul back to his body momentarily to speak with Faeron and Ryotine to ensure that they had a clear idea about the past events that happened here.

     About a hundred years ago, the standing stones was a gathering place for a group of druids and rangers known as "The Green Watchers" and Miastar was the leader of the organization. The Green Watchers was visited by a group of sorcerers from Ark Drakus led by Marcus V'Tonar. They asked for several of the ancient magical stones but they were denied. As a result, a battle broke off between the sorcerers and The Green Watchers. Faeron and Ryotine were sent off to ask for help from the Monastery of the Singing Winds.

     Shortly after they left, a great red dragon called Ashardalon attacked the sorcerers and The Green Watchers. The Green Watchers battled the dragon and they were joined by a silver and gold dragon. Unfortunately, the entire members of The Green Watchers died in Ashardalon's attack. Saithnar too fell in this battle after seeing Miastar dealt the final blow to the dragon. The sorcerers stole several of the standing stones during this battle.

     Saithnar also explained that the spell to create humans were created by Miastar in hope that the people will learn the druidic ways but sadly, the spell was misused by others recently. Who could have casted the spell since only druids know to cast it. After that, Saithnar offered his old armor and weapon to Faeron. About time Faeron finally owns a magical weapon! Saithnar then returns into the sarcophagus and a beam of light bought him back to heaven. We then returned to Ossington to rest.

     In the morning, we went to visit the Red Horse Hill. We found a murky pond at the base of the hill. When we approached the hill, the horseman suddenly appeared at the edge of the pond and stared at us. This time, we decided not to attack and moved away. The horseman rode across the surface of the water and when he reached the middle of the pond, he sank into it without creating any ripples. Before he sank entirely into the pond, he gave us a salute which Rohan explained later that it was a salute used by the Zaradins.

     After trying several approaches to reach the bottom of the pond, I got impatient and jumped into the pond. I swam towards the spot where the horseman sank and dived towards the bottom and found the skeleton of a human and a warhorse. The skull of the skeleton is missing though. We buried the body and the warhorse beside the pond. The horseman reappeared and saluted us again. We then went back and told Dyson about this. He doesn't know anything about the headless horseman though. We think that the villagers killed him and he came back as a vengeful spirit to haunt the villagers.

Chapter 17

     The next morning, we went to visit Dyson for any useful information regarding the elves and horseman. During our way to his tower, we passed three stones in the center of the village carved with an unknown language. Ryotine was the only one who could read it. She decided to stay behind to analyze the meaning of the carvings while we continued to visit Dyson.

     After chatting with Dyson, it seems that he too doesn't know the reason behind these attacks. He then gave us a look of the map surrounding Ossington. That's the most he could do for us. At least we have some idea where to look for now. We discussed briefly and chose to visit the silence keepers first as it is the closest to Ossington. Ryotine reunited with us shortly and told us about the carvings. It's a spell that transform small animals to human. Is that the reason why there are no animals around Ossington? Are all the villagers a creation of the spell?!

     Anyway, the Silence Keepers was a boring place. It has five standing stones with a flat round stone fallen in between. After Faeron and Ryotine touched the stone, they seemed to remembered something. We then proceeded to the great barrow. At the great barrow's west entrance, we found a Druidic carvings which reads, "Miastar and Saithnar, the last defenders." This great barrow must be a tomb for them. We entered it and found a secret door which leads deeper into the barrow.

     We found ourselves in a series of circular passageways. Through some thinking and courage, we were able to pass a few traps with minimal damage and finally encountered an earth elemental creature followed by an air elemental creature. At one point we got separated by a trap door, only me and Rohan passed the trap door. We continued walking to look for a way to undo the trap. After a while, we undid the trap and regrouped with the rest. As we reach closer to the end of the circular passageways, the temperature gradually increased. At the end of the passageways, we found a room with fire elemental creature in it and a staircase that leads down. Just how big is this barrow?

Chapter 16

     After squeezing through the crowd and with the help of a bard, Cuckoo, he brought us to meet Elder Murdow. We had a long conversation with Elder Murdow outside of his house. He told us about the tragedy that struck Ossington. It happened about three or four months ago when the horseman came to town. No one knew what he looks like as he never take off his helmet. What's worse is that after a while, the elves started attacking people from the village without any reason. When the previous mayor, Elder Meril led a group of villagers for a parley, they were massacred.

     The villagers tried to ask for help but as soon as they leave the village, they were killed by the horseman. He said that the horseman was always lurking around the area to kill villagers that are attempting to leave. No one knew why the horseman were acting that way. It is believed that the horseman and the elves are working together. Elder Murdow asked for our help to defeat the elves and the horseman.

     He offered us a house to stay in. It was an abandoned empty house at the corner of the street. As we untether our horses from the fence of his house. An arrow flew from the sky and hit Elder Murdow in the chest. Several birds and eagles appeared. The eagle grabbed Ryotine but luckily the fall didn't kill her. We killed the birds and eagles and noticed an elf running towards southeast. Faeron's arrow definitely hit him but the arrow flew through him instead. That made me realize, it was an illusion! We stopped chasing and went back to the spot where the elf was standing and checked for his tracks. We found a track leading southwest.

     Tully, the swordman and Cuckoo came. We told them what happened and went chasing after the elf. On our way, we encountered the horseman again. After Faeron firing a warning shot, the horseman charged at us. The horseman was a total mystery. No physical attacks seems to hit him and magical attacks don't quite affect him either. As his horse made a loud growl, I had goosebumps, my legs were frozen and my heart almost stopped beating. It slowly turned it's head and stared at me with it's death-like red eyes, I screamed and ran away as far as I could as if death was chasing after me... It took a while before I finally calmed down.

     As I return to them, I saw Ryotine conjured a lightning spell and struck the horseman. Then, the horseman faded away... Did it die or did he evaded the attack? What is he and what's wrong with this town?

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Chapter 15

     An adventurer never stops venturing! That said, it was time to move on to another town. We marched together with the barbarians and monks who coincidentally were heading north as well. Before leaving Jolton, Uralis told us the tale of our monk here, Kim, about his early days at the monastery. It made me pondered on the question again. Who are we?  Are we perhaps, time travelers?

     We split ways with the barbarians and monks at certain point and continue traveling again. It was a plain walk until we heard the scream of humans accompanied by a giant bird. We saw 3 travelers running toward us, with a giant bird on their tail. I couldn't bare the thought of an innocent person being killed and dashed toward the giant bird as quickly as I can. But the giant bird killed 1 of the traveler before I reach it. I tried to confront the giant bird alone while waiting for my team mates...

     The dead traveler was called Harry. Harry and his friends followed us to Giant's Blade and they buried Harry there. Disturbed by the thought of my inability to save someone, I feel that I'm not strong enough...   After that tragic event, we rested at the inn there before moving on.

     The next morning, we continued our journey towards Ossington. The road to Ossington is quiet and empty. There wasn't any animals along the road. At midday, we encountered several peasants being beheaded by a horseman. Kim tried to catch him but the horseman slipped past him like a ghost going through the wall. Triggered by our curiosity, we jumped off our horses and investigate what happened. Faeron talked to a donkey of the dead peasants but found out nothing...

     We continue moving north and reached a farmstead belonged to Tarbee and his daughter Tanasha. Tarbee doesn't like it when we mentioned the horseman. Whenever Tanasha tries to explain to us he'll tell us to mind our own business. She suggested us to meet Elder Murdows at Ossington as could shed some light on this horseman that we were talking about. We stayed there for a night before moving on.

     The next day we reached a chapel. A woman was inside the chapel and she was praying to the 9 Elder Gods of Dekkara. She doesn't speak much other than topics related to Gods. We left the chapel and continue towards Ossington.

     Upon entering Ossington, the villagers crowded around us and begged for food. By us I actually mean everyone except me and Quanta. Why did they exclude me and Quanta?... And what happened to Ossington. Were it always like that?

Chapter 14

     We circled through the lizardfolk forces and attacked the kobold leader. It was an easy battle. After that we went back to Jolton. The villagers were celebrating happily but we were just too tired to join the feast. We rushed to the inn and immediately fell asleep.

     The next day, we were free to wondered around the town. Quanta was helping us to identify items while Rohan went out to make a custom shield of PahBeeBee. After that, we went to see the mayor and was awarded 900 gp and a mithral shirt. I took the mithral shirt and we agreed to return the money for them to rebuild Jolton.

     The amount of gold that disappeared right in front of my eyes... Sigh. At least I got a magical shirt! Now where should we explore next?